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What we are. Our truth.

We are invisible comfort. You feel it and transmit it with every step you take. We think of versatile models for every day, because starting the day with new shoes changes everything. We know that your life is full of energy and nonstop action, therefore, we want to maintain your rhythm and keep a smile on your face.

The spirit of one family.

In Wonders we are one big family, most of our workers have been by our side for 20 years. We have always remained in Elche, working hard to protect the essence of our product. Family is an integral part of our company’s values and for all of those who have helped us create this historic brand.


Wonders defends and symbolizes values that are perceived in a very direct way in our way of understanding and approach the development of footwear: Care for detail, choice of raw materials, the importance of each of the workers in the process. The comfort of the product is a priority. Likewise, maintaining the highest levels of comfort in our productions and making them reach men and women all over the planet is our main goal. Our cry. We are Wonders: Our Motto is one of connecting with people, transmitting security and a pride of belonging.


The woman. She is our Wonderslover. Optimistic and sociable, aware that happiness is a personal decision. She is the leader of her family. She’s in the office, She’s reading a good book on the sofa or socializing with her friends... She’s on top of everything and therefore chooses what makes her life easier, we are there with her, every step of the way.

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