Collection: Toni Pons


We continue with our dreams intact and always doing our utmost, as if it were our very first day. The commitment made to all of you is so strong that it makes us overcome every challenge in order to continue offering the highest quality in our designs.

At Toni Pons, ever since our beginnings, we have striven to work in consonance with certain principles and values that we consider to be non-negotiable: a job well done, common sense and projecting warmth, honesty and social credibility.

“The social role fulfilled by companies is undeniable and an honest approach leads to credibility and trust. A successful project can equally be a social and environmentally responsible project, one that dignifies the collective to which it belongs.” Antoni Pons Carós.


75 years of passion focused on keeping this centuries-old craft, and everything that surrounds it, alive: craftsmen, master leather workers, weavers, jute makers and many other trades which have been with us forever.

These, along with the company’s firm commitment to the environment and the community, have always been and will continue to be the true character of our brand.

We will continue to create timeless collections made by the hands of craftsmen, making use of techniques with centuries-old traditions, using high quality materials and taking care of our environment.

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