Collection: CO LAB


COLAB is focused on bringing a new wave of accessories: functional, organized, cruelty-free, and thoughtfully designed to the smallest detail. Not only are the materials PETA-Approved Vegan but their collections feature an extensive range of high quality, soft, recycled materials that have been tested for durability and strength.

Building its sustainable and ethical efforts and its mandate to keep producing high

quality products, the Montreal brand keeps growing and staying innovative since its

launch in 2007.



The COLAB recycled collections feature solvent-free, water based materials made from post-industrial and post-consumer waste. Equivalent to 3 plastic bottles per bag, these cutting-edge materials help reduce carbon emissions and the use of fossil resources compared to usual industry standards.


Our signature details and brand colors can be found throughout the entire collection: note the COLAB branded loop in red and cream colors, subtle star reinforcement stitching, signature keychain attachments on larger bags and COLAB padded cell phone pockets.

The more you look, the more hints of subtle brand cues there are on each bag.


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