Collection: Peter Kaiser

Quality & tradition

Our company has been producing exclusively in European production facilities since 1838 and still in the main factory in the German shoe metropolis Pirmasens in Rhineland-Palatinate. As one of the last shoe factories in Germany, we are very proud of this tradition. The combination of shoemaking and high tech, which is essential for the development of a perfect product, is very important to us.


With our production in Europe, we have been helping to reduce CO2 emissions since the company was founded, as our shoes are not transported around the globe during or after production. Did you know that all of our leather linings have been tanned chrome-free for many years? Chrome-free tanned leathers are very comfortable to wear and are more suitable for people with allergies.


We have been continuously developing the functionality of our shoes for your comfort since 1838. Our latest development is the #beautysoft effect: a combination of three technical functions that give you a completely new walking experience and pamper your feet from day one and with every step.